About Us

There are several people that make up Sparrow's Eye View Productions. Each one volunteers their time and talent. Without them, we would not be who we are.

Michael Brinkley:


I grew up in a small town in South East Missouri dreaming about making movies. I stayed up late at night during the summer because the really cool movies were on after the 10:00 news.  The problem was that I came from a very poor family in a very rural part of the country. I learned at a very young age that film making was not something I was going to end up being able to do. But that didn't keep me from creating them in my mind. I used to listen to Pink Floyd The Wall for hours on end and imagine how I would turn it into a movie. I checked out old radio shows like The Shadow from the library and imagined that I was turning them into real movies.

Then a few years ago something incredible happened. Digital film. Suddenly the ability to make movies was actually in my grasp. I wrote a screenplay and shot the first three minutes of it for Project Greenlight. No, I didn't win the contest, but working on that project was the spark I needed to continue. A couple of years later I managed to find the right people to create the short film So, Who's to Blame?. When that was completed I realized that with today's technology you don't have to have a lot of money to make good films. All you have to have is the passion to make it happen.

My wife, Amy and I spent a few years on various projects, both film related and non, and finally ended up where we are now. In the spring of 2011 I met some incredibly talented people and together we are making some wonderful things happen.

Ashley Balicki

Ashley Balicki was born on January 1, 1989 in Alton, IL.  Born and raised in East Alton, she attended East Alton-Wood River High School. Ashley was involved in CAP (Career Academy Program), National Honor Society, Drama Club, Bowling and was the editor for the yearbook her senior year. Ashley was involved with school plays her first 2 years and was in her first short film (So, Who's to Blame) at the age of 16. At that point in time, Ashley realized that film acting was a real passion along with the appreciation of all arts. However, all of that was set aside during college as she worked toward her diploma in Graphic Design.

A few years after college, she had found her new family of friends that had opened so many doors of freedom for her, including a very close friend Kevin "Kage" Black. Kevin, who was desiring to be an actor, had come to Ashley with his dream. Ashley was all too eager to help him achieve his goals by becoming his manager. Around about the same time, Ashley just happened to come across the founder of Sparrows Eye View Productions, Michael Brinkley, after six years and they had talked about his ideas that were floating around about future projects.

Eventually, Ashley had gotten involved with the projects that were started and was able to get Kevin involved as well to boost his acting career. After being cast as "Bambi Ballass" for God Hates Bambi and "Nichole" for Juliet's Kiss, Ashley's flame for acting had been relit. Ashley's heart was burning with passion for the camera again and Sparrows Eye View was a good place to start again.

Ashley is most thankful for the people who love and support her through her journey. If it wasn't for the important and close people in her life, she wouldn't be where she's at today. Now Ashley has many possibilities awaiting in her future and she is looking forward to all of them.
Kevin 'Kage' Black

Kevin 'Kage' Black was born April 20, 1983 in Chicago, IL. His parents moved down to Alton when he was 2 for schooling.  Kage grew up involved in the arts in school, playing in band and orchestra since age 9, yet, it wasn't until Kage got to high school that he started getting involved in theater. Having friends in the theater, they eventually talked him into trying out for a few plays.  Though he didn't get cast for any, there was a big casting for the musical that came around in the spring every year.  After performing in them three of the four years, he knew the stage was for him, though.  However, that dream would be pushed to the side for a while.

It wouldn't be for 10 years before Kage found the acting bug again.  It had been nibbling for a while, but now it was biting so hard it couldn't be ignored.  Kage ended up befriending Ashley Balicki, and his future was set.  He had told her of his desire, and she had just the cure, Sparrow's Eye View.  Since she had worked with Michael on a previous project, she introduced them.  Since then, though Kage is still working side jobs, he plans to follow his dreams, and will let Sparrow's Eye View overlook his future.

 Jen Patton
Gaffer/Second Unit Director/Geek

I've been freelancing for over 10 years now, starting before I graduated high school. I've interned for printing and photography companies, have done visual work in store for retail companies, and have worked in multiple management positions. I have an AAS in Graphic Communication/Illustration, an AFA in Fine Art, and will be completing my BS in Digital Entertainment and Game Design next year.

I was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged me in my art and general wackiness, and friends that have encouraged me all along the way. Because of this, I love learning and creating, and I have a strong eye for proportion and design; I love using this talent in everything I do. This tends to make me a jack-of-all-arts; if it's creative, I'm into it!

At the moment I'm freelancing on multiple projects while searching for my dream job and being a geek. You can find my art at: