Welcome to the publishing division of Sparrow's Eye View Productions. Our purpose is to bring you quality self-published books. We believe that innovation is the cornerstone of American business. Small businesses and local mom and pop stores are what this country's economic system was founded on. Therefore we reject the notion that giant publishing houses are the only place to find excellent literary works. Just as you would try to support local farmers, businesses and artisans, we encourage you to support independent authors as well.


 The Real World of Pencil Portraits
The Real World of Pencil Portraits by Michael Brinkley is our flagship publication. Based on the popular art instruction blog,, this book takes the reader through each step required to produce portraits with stunningly realistic results.
   Memories From Behind the Iron Curtain
Memories From Behind the Iron Curtain is the true story of a refugee family in WWII. These are the memories of a child whose eyes see nothing but wonder and excitement. They are not the memories of a worried mother of six who was forced from her home into the icy streets to protect her children from death and starvation. The children's father had been drafted into the war and unwillingly sent to the front lines, leaving the family alone to fend for themselves. In a country ravaged by war, she smuggled her children across the border by Lübeck to escape a hopeless future. She laid her life on the line so that they would live. If it wasn't for her courage they might still be living there today.
God Hates Bambi

God Hates Bambi is the print version of the popular web comic by Michael Brinkley. For the liberal gay atheist in all of us. An ongoing debate between an atheist and an Evangelical. Lots of religious and political DUH moments pointing out obvious logic and how many Americans fail to grasp the obvious.