Q. What is “zero budget” film making?

A. Low budget films are movies that are produced with as little money as the film makers can get away with. Low budget films have a reputation of being really bad with poorly written scripts, bad special effects and campy acting. The truth is that there are many really good low budget films; they simply do not get much press because they don’t have enough money to create an advertising campaign.

A zero budget film is one that is created with absolutely no money whatsoever. Every aspect of the film is created using donated equipment and time. All cast and crew work for free because they believe in the film and truly want to be a part of something special. At Sparrow’s Eye View we try to create each film in such a way that the viewer doesn’t question the budget. They don’t walk away thinking, “Wow, that was a cheaply made movie.” We feel that when you honestly believe in yourself, you are able to create incredible works of art, and we are out to prove that. You CAN make a good film with no money. You can publish a book with no money. You can do anything that your heart desires. There are only two things required. First, you must believe in yourself. Second, you have to get off the couch and do it.

Q. I heard you guys make porn films, is that true?

A. Absolutely not. Every independent film maker has heard this question. For some reason people assume that if you are an independent film maker you are either making zombie movies, porn movies or zombie porn movies.  We use a rating system based on the age group that we think is mature enough to understand the elements in our films. Most of our films are suited for ages 13 and older. So far that age recommendation has been used because of instances of violence and or language in the film.

Q. But I heard you have two girls kissing in one, isn’t that porn?

A. The film Juliet’s Kiss does feature a scene where two attractive women fall in love and kiss each other. The kiss is all of about 5 seconds of a 15 minute film. If that is considered pornography then we have a lot farther to go in society than I originally thought. The answer to your question is no, that isn’t porn. If you watch the film and think that it is, then you have totally missed the point the film is trying to make.

Q. So if you don’t do zombie movies or porn films, what kind of movies do you make?

A. We make movies that encourage people to think. We tackle questions of a social nature. Why is teen violence a problem in America? Why do parents freak out about their children seeing same sex love on television but are perfectly willing to let their children watch ultra-violent crime dramas? We have several other projects in the works that will deal with other questions. Do we try to answer these questions? No. We might provide possible answers, but only in order to get the viewer to think about those possibilities. The bottom line is, we make independent films for social awareness. But it doesn’t hurt that we absolutely love the process of film making.

Q. You seem to deal with a lot of LGBT issues. Are you all gay?

A. No, we aren’t. But we do see that the LGBT community has suffered for way too long at the hands of those who are afraid of them. We believe that any film that portrays them in a positive way is a film worth creating. Once again, we like to make people think.

Q. What is the meaning of life?

A. The quest for the number 42.