The film division of Sparrow's Eye View Productions is dedicated to bringing you quality films for social awareness. The cast and crew of each film volunteers their time because they are passionate about the message their project presents.

The most recent completed project is Juliet's Kiss. We spent most of the summer of 2011 working on this film and presented it to the public on October 14th at Shameless Grounds Coffee Shop in St. Louis Missouri.

Juliet's Kiss

God Hates Bambi is an ongoing video project. Originally created as a web comic by Michael Brinkley, God Hates Bambi tells the story of a young Bisexual/Liberal/Atheist woman trying to get those around her to simply understand why she is who she is. The comic is radical, to the point, and for many people somewhat offensive. As we move on with the video project you will see an ongoing series of episodes designed for web viewers. So far, we have only filmed a few of Bambi Ballass' Idiot Tests. But rest assured, more of her story is on the way.

God Hates Bambi - Idiot Test #1

God Hates Bambi - Idiot Test #2

God Hates Bambi - It Gets Better

So, Who's To Blame? is the official first production of Sparrow's Eye View. This 15 minute film asks the question, "Who is to blame for teen violence?" Without answering the question, So, Who's To Blame? provides one possible answer among many. Like all of our other projects, this film simply encourages people to think.

So, Who's To Blame?